Wheres Waldo?

Where did Lili go???? 🙁

Good news around here. Erichs insurance will pick me up in January, pregnant and all. Yippee! 🙂 Since my insurance had changed and instead of paying nothing like we had planned we were going to have to have to pay 20% which was seriously downing my mood as of late. Erich’s insurance will pick me up and they pay 100%. I also found out that I can take short term disability (read= maternity leave) and get money then quit my job and NOT have to pay back the benefits. Whoopee. 🙂 So yeah that seriously brightened my day.

I’m getting bigger and slowing down majorly. There is a friend that wants to see me but I’m so tired after work that I can’t seem to possibly do anything. I feel bad though since in a few weeks it won’t be just me anymore and they want to see me pregnant. **sigh** I’m just SO tired these days. Oh and surgery is picking right back up. I think everyone is using their insurance while their deductibles are met and they have lower insurance rates since the new year will bring higher insurance rates. Let’s see if it continues. Off to work.

Oh and does anyone else think it is UNFAIR that Erich gets to spend the day at home because it is veterans day? Freaking bank holiday. I work Thanksgiving DAY for crying out loud and he get Veterans Day off. The world is not right man.

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