So did I mention anything about the GTT test results a few weeks ago? I DON”T have gestational diabetes and still have hypoglycemia when not controlled by.. well. .. eating constantly. They were like “good news no diabetes.” surprise surprise. I knew that, so did we really need to waste my time? 🙂 But they did a CBC and it turns out I’m anemic. Gee, maybe that’s why I feel like I’ve been hit by a dump truck. Combine that with major cleaning around here since Phoebe is coming all day Saturday for the baby shower and Sunday we are having the most people we’ve ever had in this house for Thanksgiving, I’ve not been online much. I’m wondering why I agreed to cook a HUGE thanksgiving dinner at almost 31 weeks pregnant. (Measuring about 33 so I’m just going to start saying 33 weeks pregnant because dangit I feel like that. heh.)

I’ve got to go shower for my doctor appointment. I’ll update about that when I get home. No work today, they cancelled me. whee. It’s horribly foggy outside so I should probably leave early and this baby is a mad woman this morning. I’m very uncomfortable and it really isn’t my belly. Hmp. I kinda have a headache, wonder what my blood pressure is like. No swelling though at all. 🙂 That really brings me joy. Why yes Mr. so and so I’m eight months pregnant spend eight hours + a day on my feet lifting and pushing and I”M NOT SWOLLEN. NEEENER NEENER NEENER. Okay enough of that. Off to the shower. I’ll post more later.

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