Okay so the major news of the day. I went to the doctor and it looks like I have Polycystic Ovary syndrome. I have to have some more tests before they start the plan of treatment that will get me pregnant. Being pregnant and having a baby is the main goal so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

It’s a bit upsetting that a lot of people at work are pregnant. It seems that they go off of birth control and the next month they are pregnant. That kinda brings me down.

Oh well. I just can’t wait for this week to be over. I need the weekend to come and to just relax. **sigh**

Good Morning Miami and Scrubs was good this week, not as good as last week, but still good. I’ll post more some other time. Hope all is well out in cyberworld…

Whoopeee! Okay so I figured it out, kudos to me! If any of you out there are having the same problems let me be of some assistance 🙂 You should just go this page to figure out how to put a comments section in!

YAY! I figured it out! I now have a comments section! I asked Erich, my husband, how to put it in (since he is a bit more computer and website literate.) So we researched some other blogs and after numerous tries he gave up. I did a bit more research, found part of the solution and was guided to the other half, and together we got a comments section! yay! We make a great team! Since my last post I put contact paper on two shelfs in the potty room and hung the shower curtain = progress! Now I am rewarded with sleep! Mary would like that! 😉 Sweet dreams!

No phone call from the MD office today. Everybody has been asking me (which helps to know people care) but it also is really annoying because no matter how far I put it in the back of my mind, once they ask, I can’t dodge the situation. I’m just really really anxious. Right now I’m really really tired and really really hungry. I have to go work in the bathroom though (still putting away stuff from the move), that will make my husband happy, which makes things easier on me. So God, if you are out there and reading this, please just let me pregnant and happy. I don’t want the polycystic ovary syndrome. 🙁 Goodnight.

I’m at work right now, on my lunch break. I usually come in here to the library to check email and read blogs from Beanmom and Nod and Smile. I’m tired and don’t want to be here. I hate this shift. I’m working 11a to 720p and it really is the worst shift on Earth. I never get anything done. I’m really anxious to hear from the doctors office too. They did bloodwork on Friday to find out if I’m pg. May not be pg ( I don’t think I am but it would be completely terrific if I were). If not pg, they think I may have polycystic ovary syndrome, which would be awful. I go back to the doctor on Thursday, but they promised they would call before that to tell me what the tests looked like. **sigh** I’ve got to get back to work now. 🙁

What a very terribly long day it has been. Sometimes at work I just feel like I can’t stand to be there. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job. I think surgery is so cool. I think it is weird that we go into a room that really isn’t much different from any other room and let people cut us open. It is just the most bizarre concept! I love all the guts and all the gore though. It is pretty cool and I enjoy seeing all the different stuff that I get to see. But anyways back to my rant, I’m tired of people who are just worried that they may have to do more work than other people. Who really gives a flying flip if I do do less work or more work than someone else. We are there to WORK people. This concept is far fetched for some. I’m tired of the people who really don’t have any responsibility to anyone else. I know that when I go to work I have to be there to make money to help support my family. I have bills to pay and it doesn’t only affect me if they don’t get paid. I am not the only person to not eat if I don’t make enough. Most of the people that complain and talk about who is doing more work than so and so are the ones that it really doesn’t matter if they are there. Nobody depends on them and they aren’t committed to anyone in the world. I just want to tell them sometimes, GROW UP! Take some responsibility. IT DOESN’T MATTER! 🙂 Okay, thanks I feel better now.

Our Marriage Without Cable

It is so freaking cold outside! I’m tired of single digit temperatures, though it makes for great sleeping conditions. I didn’t even want to get out of bed today let alone get out of the house. So we stayed in and basically did nothing. 🙂 I did do some laundry, laundry, and (you guessed it!) more laundry! How is it that two people can generate so much clothing? How do I go through so much clothing? I go to work and change into scrubs that they launder (which by the way is the most beautiful concept on Earth!) and yet there are millions of shirts down there. And if I’m doing laundry at least twice a week why do we have like ten pairs of dirty underwear (each!) and like a zillion shirts? I swear that the dryer eats the socks and the laundry basket reproduces by the minute.

Other than that we did basically nothing at all. Made dinner and watched a few movies on cable. Since we have lived the first part of our marriage without cable, we each find it very entertaining to just stay in and watch cable television! 🙂 Even the dogs have done just about nothing! Gracy slept and Ella watched TV with us. Yes, the dog did watch TV. It’s very entertaining, and she also saw herself in the mirror last night. I was standing behind her and she could see herself and me in the mirror. Then she would turn around and look at me like “Mom, how the heck are you behind me and in the mirror at the same time?” Man I need to have a baby so that then people wouldn’t think I was so crazy. Talking about cute things your kids did is great, but talking about the things your cute dog did is just insane! But dangit, I love them so much!

Okay I have to sign off and go to sleep. Have to go to work in the morning while my dear husband gets the day off (MLK day). Why do people have to come down with appendicitis on MLK day? LOL

Does everybody run errands on the weekend like we do? We spent the day at WalMart, Lowe’s, and Menards. Home improvement is it’s own little addiction. There should be support groups for it. Once you start, you can’t stop. One thing leads to another and another and another. You walk into Lowe’s and get sucked in by the cool little gadgets and organization that only Sims People live. I know my life is never as organized as it could be.

We bought a new thermostat for the house. It’s pretty neat because it adjusts the temperature to the time of day. So it turns the heat down at night when we are asleep and during the day when we are gone. My husband never ceases to amaze me either. We are in Menards and I see this thermostat (that we had talked about the other day) marked down in price. So I say, ” do you think you could install this?” And of course he answers, “oh yeah! definitely. I can do that!” And in the back of my mind, (girls you all know this) I think ” can he really do it?” Sure enough an hour after he starts, it’s mounted and connected. I sit and program it, wondering if it will work, and I hit the pretty button labeled RUN PROGRAM, and the heater kicks on! 🙂 He’s amazing! Good thing I married him! 😉

More unpacking tomorrow, but first it is time for sleep. Sleep is the greatest thing God invented…