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I had a title thought up last night, but for the love of something I can’t remember it. Boo. Work is going well. I’m still REALLy exhausted at the end of the day, but that is expected for anyone who is 6 months pregnant and spend her entire day on her feet. They have announced that there will be no bonus (called Share the Vision, which I refer to as Share the Allusion). It’s gone. Did I mention that I also didn’t get a raise? So if I was planning on staying, which I’m not, I definitely would have changed my mind after that fiasco. But I hear I’m not the only one. **shrugs** They’ve also taken away the call I used to fulfill so all of us are a bit pissed about that. And they shortened our week. PCTS used to work 40 hour weeks, we now work 37.5 (which is the “norm” in healthcare but it still sucks). I heard they are taking away ECMO call also (different form of call). We no longer get bonus time (a incentive to stay and help when they are in a pinch) and if we get any overtime, we are in trouble. Next thing they’ll be saying they are taking away our retention bonus. They have this problem with retention they said. That of 400 nurses they hired last year, they had to replace 350 because of them quitting. Hmmm, so do you think taking away year end bonuses and call and all of the “extra perks” is helping? I don’t think so. Anyways enough about work.

Baby is in there kicking away. A gal I work with always talks to my belly now. She assures me this is so baby will know her when she gets here. heh. I told her yesterday to tell baby to get off Mommys bladder. Baby thinks this is a cool place to hang out while I’m on my feet. So I constantly have the urge to pee when really all I can squeeze out is a few drops. Of course I may not have much in there since everything leaks when I sneeze, cough, or laugh. Oh the joys of pregnancy! I’m starting to have to roll out of bed, E helps a ton with that. Getting up is getting a bit harder by the day and I’m still all belly. (Of course I’ve only gained 6lbs or so so really I am only baby!) I promised you a picture but no one has been here to take one of me. Sorry. I know you are dying to see my beautiful self. 😉

I did cook a lot on Monday. Pot roast, carrots and potatoes in the crock pot and I made green bean casserole and corn casserole. And it must be the baby but I really don’t care for green beans. I’ll eat them on occasion and I REALLY don’t like musherooms. In fact I hate them but guess what. I’ve been eating this green bean casserole and craving it. If you aren’t familiar with green bean casserole, the two main ingredients are green beans and cream of musheroom soup. Go figure. I’ve got to pack my lunch now. PB and jelly sandwich, grapes, and (you guessed it) green bean casserole. Weird. Love to all. More tomorrow. 🙂

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