I’m alive… barely

I’m here. I have Erichs horrendous cold now. All I want to do is guzzle a bottle of NyQuil, obviously I can’t do that. I have the day off, for now. I was a bit ticked yesterday. Went into work and picked cases for the next day. I saw that Friday was not busy, so I asked for it off (they always put you off if we aren’t busy, so I figured I save myself the hassle of driving in, especially since I feel like crap). Anywho. I asked, it’s always been to my understanding that the first person who asks is the first person who gets it off. Well, I asked and she said she would let me know. I then caught her asking someone else if they wanted it off, they did (who wouldn’t it’s a Friday for crying out loud) and so I asked her, does that mean I can have it off too? She says, ” well I think you can, but call in the morning and see if they need you.” Grr… Didn’t I ask off first? Yup. So I call just now. They don’t need me right now, but please call back around 3 in case anybody calls in. So basically, don’t get to wrapped up in painting the nursery Suzanne because you could still have to go to work. I told Erich it was like if he asked his boss Can I have tomorrow off? And his boss said well, “Anybody else want tomorrow off? No? Okay Erich you can have it off then.” Those people can drive me mad.

I picked up a baby for surgery yesterday that was born at 24 weeks gestation. Born at 1lb 12oz and 12 inches long. That’s where I’m at. Scary to think that that baby came out now, hopeful to think they could be able to save her if she did come out, freaky to think that big of a baby (although he was really tiny) is inside of me! A 12 inch baby inside of me! It boggles my mind. Okay I’m off to nap and then start the nursery. They better not need me at 3 dang it.

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