Does Anyone Still Read This?

Sorry for lack of updates. I’ve been having a few sickly days combined with losing all of my energy and having feet poking into my ribs. I had a doctor appointment yesterday. I’ve gained 3.5 pounds bringing me up to 9.5 pounds total weight gain. Fundal height is almost 29! Maybe this baby will be ready to come early, or maybe she just has long legs. Heartbeat was 136 bpm ( I think she was asleep) and I start two week appointments now! My next one is 11/17 and the one after that will be 12/1! December! Wow!

It’s freaking hot around here. Yesterday it was in the eighties which is just bazaar. I’m off to work. Tomorrow we are going to see the premiere of “Matrix Revolutions” after work and then we both have Thursday off. Yeehaw. I am doing the GTT on Thursday and having my blood drawn to check for anemia. I’ll try harder to update more often. ** I hear the snickering laughs.** Just so tired.

Oh, we painted our bedroom this weekend. We are also getting rid of all of the “crap” furniture we have. Ya know, stuff you got in college that was a piece of junk, but hey it was furniture. It’s time to move into being “real” adults. Heh. Whatever that means. I’ll try and post a picture though Erich took the camera to work.

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