Belly Dancer

I just spent the last twenty minutes or so watching my belly “dance”. My mom would have killed to have been here for that. She is dying to feel the baby move, but she is always around when I am eating or when I just get off of work, which are usually down times for baby.

I was lying on my back on the couch and when I am on my back, I put my hand on my belly because I know baby will start to move and I’ll feel her. Well I decided that I would lift my shirt and and look down and sure enough my belly ring started moving along with the rest of my stomach. It looked like a little alien stuck in my body trying to get out. Ella, my puppy, even saw it and cocked her head to the side in awe I believe. 🙂 It’s so cool. I’m glad she is okay and getting strong. I can’t wait to meet you baby and hold you in my arms.

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