My First Post

Okay so this is my very own blog. Let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Suzanne. I recently got married (August 10, 2002) to the most wonderful man I have ever met. We are in the process of buying the house we are living in and working on starting a family! Life seems very good at this point. I work in healthcare in a local hospital in the surgery department. I am currently working on my BSN in nursing. We have two dogs, Gracy and Ella. Gracy is about 12 years old and I’ve had her since I was little. She was one of the last gifts my dad gave to me before he died so she is very dear to me. Our other dog, Ella (short for Gabriella), is 9 months old. She is training my husband on how to be a father! It is funny how she acts so much like a child! She is tons of fun and brings a lot of laughter into our lives. That’s about all I can think of now… I’ll be back to post more later. Stay tuned! 🙂