Isn’t it January yet?

I’m so tired. I’m not sleeping well at all these days. It really isn’t baby moving, though she does move an awful lot. It’s more my back. I want to go to the chiropractor but when it comes time, or the cash becomes readily available I just don’t go. I justify it by buying something else that we “need” or doing something that should be done. Really if I could just pop my back on my own I would be so happy. When I twist myself to do this though, my huge fat honking uterus gets in the way of my “twist” so I’m never fully able to go far enough around achieving the pop I so desperately desire. **sigh** It’s very frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night to a husband who is sound asleep along with both dogs.

I’m going to make a conscious effort this month to blog every other day. While Jennifer has pointed out that some are vowing to blog everyday, I find this vow an unrealistic commitment for myself. Maybe next month I’ll try for everyday. Won’t you all be in suspense if I start missing days in January? 🙂 I’ll post a picture for you all on Saturday when I get all dressed up for Erich’s Christmas party.

Have you ever felt like there is so much to do, yet can’t think of a darn thing that needs to be done? I’m feeling like that right now. I find that I get all of this energy and I do so much around the house and such, but then I lose my energy and feel only like laying down for a couple of years. Then everything I have done during my energy spurts goes unattended and I spend the next energy spurt trying to make up for my lacking days of energy. It’s a viscous cycle I tell you!

Okay I’m going to go eat some ice cream and put a pizza in the oven for Erich. He should be home soon, and when he’s finished eating, we’re going to bed! I hate going to bed before he gets home. I feel like I miss out on time we could have spent together and I’m sure it’s frustrating to come home and find me in bed. Tomorrow morning I am going to make pancakes from scratch and probably some fried potatoes. I realize that this is a lot of carbohydrates, but doesn’t fried potatoes sound delightful? Plus my mom got potatoes at the grocery store – buy one bag, get one free. So she gave me a bag. It’s really rough having that many potatoes with just two of us. I feel the pressure to eat the 10lbs of potatoes before they start “growing.” Last night I cut some up in tiny pieces, put them on a cookie sheet with some veggie oil, and sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. They were very yummy. 🙂 Okay now on to that ice cream and bed…

32 Weeks or something…

Well, there was a doctors appointment this morning. Two centimeters in two weeks, still measuring two weeks ahead. I’m officially 31 weeks and 2 days so I measure 33 weeks. Baby is head down (yay!) and I gained 1 pound. 🙂 That’s all baby is what the doctor said, considering baby gains about 1/2 a pound each week. 🙂 I’ve gained 12 pounds total. Blood pressure is fine and I’m not spilling sugar or protein. 🙂 Next appointment is December 15 with u/s!!! And the appointment after that is December 29! Did you hear me? DECEMBER 29!! Then we start weekly visits. This baby is going to be here NEXT MONTH! I’m starting to kinda freak out.

I have lots of 3-6, 6-9 clothes, but not a ton of sleepers for newborn through three to six months. We have an old house, it’s going to be freaking January in Indiana so I feel like we do need just warm warm sleepers. I need to buy the snowsuit but I saw that Babies R Expensive have them 40% off right now. I want one with the little holes in them for the carseat.

I picked up the pre registration stuff for the hospital today and signed us up for a tour on Sunday at 6pm. 🙂 I need to get my list started of things to pack for baby and things to get done for baby. Not to mention print off my registry and see what things I absolutely need for baby and what things I can do without. I also need to get a list of names for birth announcements. If the u/s in two weeks confirms little girl, then I’ll go ahead and purchase them. If not, I’ll get unisex ones. I’m feeling a bit like things need to get done in the next couple of weeks for a couple of reasons. 1) It’s the holiday season. Things are going to get crazy and I just don’t want to deal with it after. 2) I’m going to be so big, so tired, and so umcomfortable in a few weeks and I’ll still be working so I don’t think I’ll want to do this stuff next month. And who wants to worry about it at the end? 3) If I tell everyone what I still need maybe they’ll send me an xmas present. heh. (that was meant towards family ya know.) 😉 4) It’s going to be snowy, icy, and frigid in the next couple of weeks. I don’t want to be shopping in that nor do I want to be out of the house in that. It’s going to be bad enough coming to work!

On another note, I worked Thanksgiving. We did three cases and had time to goof around afterwards. So guess what we did? Ultrasound of course! 🙂 Big fat Erich feet in my right ribs (Erich wears size 14 shoes! Of course, he is 6’4″. Dr. says that babys like that space under your ribs cause they like to push against something hard and there is a bit more room under there) And she had her legs open, but not being u/s techs we didn’t know how to look from the front. From below and up though we saw no evidence of a penis floating around in there. In fact it looked a lot like a hamburger bun. heh. So I’m still saying girl.

Erich bought me my Christmas gift. Actually it’s Xmas, Anniversary (from Aug. 10th), Happy Baby, and Happy Birthday all in one. It is my anniversary band that completes my set. It’s a band with a row of diamonds (1/2 carat!). My wedding band is just a plain platinum band and my engagement ring is a platinum band with a princess cut diamond with princess cut side stones. The anniversary band now sandwiches my engagement ring and it is absolutely beautiful. It made me so happy and it sparkles so much. I really haven’t gotten gifts this year, and I haven’t really bought clothes because of my buddha so it’s nice to know that I’m appreciated and loved. 🙂 My ring and Erichs planer that I bought for him for his xmas is really the last major things we’ll get to buy ourselves before we hit the “baby crunch.” Erich is going to start looking for a better job in January. He fulfills his contract then and they are “making changes” at his work. He is afraid they may just eliminate his position or knock him down to part time which we can’t do with me leaving work and becoming a SAHM. So he is looking for something closer to home with the same pay or something with better pay at the same distance. Wish him luck! That reminds me I need to take his suit to the dry cleaners. 🙂

Well, that was a hideously long entry. I have to get back to work. I’ll write more some other time! 🙂 Take care!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m off to work now. 🙁 Isn’t it wrong that I have to work? All those people stuffing themselves full with belly aches and then realizing, oh somethings wrong maybe I should go to the hospital. What? My appendix needs taken out. Bah. Have a good one, I’ll think of you all while I’m working. 😉

It’s the most wonderful time…

of the year! It’s snowing! The first snowfall in Indiana! 🙂 And you know what that means, right? IT’S COMING YOUR WAY RACHEL! And it also means the time for baby to arrive is getting very very close! We are all bundled up now and I have to pack some sandwiches in my purse then we are off to the Saturn dealership (without an appointment) to wait all day in hopes of them fixing the mysterious squeak. I figure while I’m paying the fee for them to look around, I’ll have them plug the antenna back to the radio (it falls off all of the time leaving you with static) and have them check the brakes. Not that I’m made of money, I’m sure capital one will enjoy the business though. It’s better to get this fixed now while I can pay for it with that check I make every two weeks then say, oh Feb. 1 when I no longer have a job.

PS How do you like this two entries in two days thing? 🙂 Belly picture tonight, when I find the camera. As I was staring in the mirror this morning, before my shower, I’ve noticed I’m really starting to point out! Funny.

On to Christmas.

Well, with that we bid Thanksgiving goodbye. We had Thanksgiving dinner today. I actually work Thanksgiving day from 7am to 2:50 or so. The shower was yesterday, and I’m completely exhausted.

The shower was great, we received tons of gifts including an IU onsie from my best friend Phoebe. I hung it in our high chair, heh, for my stepdad to look at over dinner today. 🙂 He is a Purdue alum so I expect to see something from Purdue coming soon! Phoebe got to feel the baby move. She is absolutely amazed that I am pregnant. 🙂 So after the shower I came home and kept working on the house in preparation for today. We also went to Kokomo to get the oil changed in the Saturn (which by the way is making a funny noise, so I must take tomorrow off and haul it to the dealership in hopes of a small small minute repair that requires little to no money. heh) Erich got his xmas present. He is using it right now. heh. I’ll wrap the box and stick it under the tree which I hope to put up tomorrow or something.

I was up until 1am last night baking bread. We ended up with 32 pounds of it. Some in 1 pound containers, others in 2lb loaves, and in my desperation last night at 12:00 with batter still left to be cooked, I made muffins with it. heh. It’s amish friendship bread so its sweet and we can eat it in the mornings and such. The menu today was:

Spiral Glazed Ham

Stuffing with chx (made by my mother)

Sour Cream Potatoes

Green Bean Casserole (you’ve seen the TV commercials, right? I felt like a hostess failure not to provide this “tradition”)

Corn Casserole

Wheat Rolls

Pumpkin Pie

Dutch Apple Pie

Ice Cream

They troops rolled in around 1230ish and we ate around 1ish with desert around 3ish. My MIL and FIL , who own a gardening business, brought 400 bulbs to be planted. (yes you read that right 400.) They planted those after desert. (yes all 400 of them) All ‘those people” left at around 4:30 and Erich and I climbed into bed at 5! We are up now after a two hour nap. Erich is downstairs “playing” with his xmas present. (oh, it’s a planer) I’m about to sit down for Charmed and enjoy the first leftover ham sandwich with other leftovers.

I’m feeling incredibly pregnant and can’t believe that I actually did all of this baking and cooking today. Baby is creeping farther and farther into my ribs and my breathe is leaving me. When I layed down after dinner, I was actually having ctx. I really over did myself. They had to be braxton hicks, but I was at the point where I almost called the doctor since they hurt so bad. I waited until after the nap though, and as I thought, they have left. I really should take it easy, huh? She is welcome in 7 weeks when I will be term. I’m telling her punctiality is overated, that being early is the best kind of person to be! 🙂 Okay picture later. Charmed now. 🙂

Another Apology

Once again I find myself sitting down to write how sorry I am for my lack of updates. I do feel bad, and feel as though it is my obligation to those (if any of you are still out there) who read (or used to read) daily. Things have been quite hectic as I enter into the ten week countdown. The baby shower is this weekend. Phoebe will be here all day Saturday and then Sunday I am having around 16 people over for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful, believe me. I have a wonderful husband and this awesome little creature growing inside me. It’s just that lately things seem to take a ton of energy to do. I have so much to do and the urge to do it, but my new found roundness makes accomplishing these tasks a bit difficult.

I do find my “roundness” amazing. And I seem to get rounder and rounder everyday. I always thought I would bask in the wonder of my protruding belly, which I do. I always dreamed of being pregnant and loving every minute of it, which I do. But as the days pass, I find myself leaning more towards being anxious about the birth of our child. I want it to be right now . I think this happens with every Mom. And I do believe it is the natural progression of life. I seem to find the parallel in death. ( I know this sounds odd, but run with me for a minute.)

I’m completely scared of death. I think some of this may go back to my fathers death and some just because I’m so young. I have so much to accomplish still. So many things to do, children to have, time to spend with the love of my life. Years ago when I worked in a nursing home, I found a very valuable friendship in a lady named Irene. I adored Irene and spent the little down time I had giving her “extra” love. I gave everyone extra love because I’m that kind of person, but she intrigued me. She and I talked about death once and she told me she wasn’t afraid. She welcomed it. She was tired and had lived a very full life. She had accomplished the things she wanted to and had come to find peace with the world around her. She was ready to pass on. I miss Irene terribly now, but I find peace that she was ready. She had lived her life and maybe I will find her again someday, wherever we “end up.” I think she would love to hold my baby and parts of me think she already has, as silly as that may sound. Anywho, back to the parallel. At the beginning of the pregnancy I wanted only to hold on to the fact that I was pregnant and wanted to stay that way. Towards the middle I have painted the room and have made room in our home for this new addition. We’ve talked about her. Named her. Thought about what she may be and what we want her to learn. And now, in my new huge roundness and umcomfyness, I have found peace that my body can nurture a child. That my body knows how and my mind has now moved beyond staying pregnant, to wanting to hold our baby in our arms. To smell her hair and kiss her tiny toes, that sounds “del-ovely>” (You do remember that song from Anything Goes by Cole Porter, right?) Even though we may not have all of the baby stuff, we are ready to greet her.

Okay, well I had mopped the kitchen and cleaned the downstairs batheroom, and I was writing this as the floor dried. I’m sure it’s dry now and I should get off my bum and keep going while I have some steam still. Friends was good this evening and Scrubs will be on in a few minutes. Not to mention Prince Charming should be coming home and I can’t wait to see his handsome face again. It’s funny how much love I feel in my heart right now. I loved him more then life itself before, for bringing greatness to my life, for completing me. I never dreamed I could love him even more then I already did, but I do. He gave me this baby. It’s our love and determination that created her and I can’t wait to see him hold her for the first time. I think it will be a moment I will never forget. The two greatest loves in my life, holding each other.


So did I mention anything about the GTT test results a few weeks ago? I DON”T have gestational diabetes and still have hypoglycemia when not controlled by.. well. .. eating constantly. They were like “good news no diabetes.” surprise surprise. I knew that, so did we really need to waste my time? 🙂 But they did a CBC and it turns out I’m anemic. Gee, maybe that’s why I feel like I’ve been hit by a dump truck. Combine that with major cleaning around here since Phoebe is coming all day Saturday for the baby shower and Sunday we are having the most people we’ve ever had in this house for Thanksgiving, I’ve not been online much. I’m wondering why I agreed to cook a HUGE thanksgiving dinner at almost 31 weeks pregnant. (Measuring about 33 so I’m just going to start saying 33 weeks pregnant because dangit I feel like that. heh.)

I’ve got to go shower for my doctor appointment. I’ll update about that when I get home. No work today, they cancelled me. whee. It’s horribly foggy outside so I should probably leave early and this baby is a mad woman this morning. I’m very uncomfortable and it really isn’t my belly. Hmp. I kinda have a headache, wonder what my blood pressure is like. No swelling though at all. 🙂 That really brings me joy. Why yes Mr. so and so I’m eight months pregnant spend eight hours + a day on my feet lifting and pushing and I”M NOT SWOLLEN. NEEENER NEENER NEENER. Okay enough of that. Off to the shower. I’ll post more later.

Wheres Waldo?

Where did Lili go???? 🙁

Good news around here. Erichs insurance will pick me up in January, pregnant and all. Yippee! 🙂 Since my insurance had changed and instead of paying nothing like we had planned we were going to have to have to pay 20% which was seriously downing my mood as of late. Erich’s insurance will pick me up and they pay 100%. I also found out that I can take short term disability (read= maternity leave) and get money then quit my job and NOT have to pay back the benefits. Whoopee. 🙂 So yeah that seriously brightened my day.

I’m getting bigger and slowing down majorly. There is a friend that wants to see me but I’m so tired after work that I can’t seem to possibly do anything. I feel bad though since in a few weeks it won’t be just me anymore and they want to see me pregnant. **sigh** I’m just SO tired these days. Oh and surgery is picking right back up. I think everyone is using their insurance while their deductibles are met and they have lower insurance rates since the new year will bring higher insurance rates. Let’s see if it continues. Off to work.

Oh and does anyone else think it is UNFAIR that Erich gets to spend the day at home because it is veterans day? Freaking bank holiday. I work Thanksgiving DAY for crying out loud and he get Veterans Day off. The world is not right man.