Let the Battle over Church Begin

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I can hardly even remember yesterday, though I do believe I worked really hard. Surgery has been really busy lately, there aren’t really any interesting cases though we have been doing a lot of AAA’s (aortic aneuryisms.) I hate vascular cases. Today the hubby and I went and purchased tires for the truck. Really big manly tires that make him beam from ear to ear. That puts a smile on my face, though I hate to see what I’ll look like climbing out of a truck that tall someday when I’m big and pregnant (hopefully someday soon!) šŸ™‚

Tomorrow nothing extremely exciting. He wants to go to church, and don’t get me wrong I do to, but it has been so terribly cold out that on Sunday morning I am so comfy knowing that I can sleep in (since I don’t have to work on Sunday) and that it is so nice and warm and cozy in my bed. I know, it’s evil! It reminds me of my mom. (background info you should know: I’m half mexican, half irish. My mother was born in Mexico. so she often speaks or sings to me in spanish) But anyways, on Sunday mornings when I was little she would come in and sing/ whisper this song into my ear in spanish (roughly translated) ” in the morning when you are sleeping, the devil comes and says, don’t go to church!…” I can’t seem to remember the rest though, hehe. Oh, right tomorrow I must also bathe dogs!, mop floors, and vacuum with my brand new hepa filter super vacuum (complete with cape and googles! ha!). **sigh** And I have more laundry to do. When is there not any laundry to do? It really should be legal to do laundry in the nude so that all of the laundry would be finished. Munch, my sorority sister, and I came up with that last year. *don’t worry we didn’t do our laundry naked, though it was the most brilliant idea we ever came up with at 3:30 in the morning!*

Okay I’m going to bed. It’s late Saturday night/ Sunday morning and if he expects me to get up for church in the snow and cold, I better get some sleep. Buenos Noches!

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